Potential Product Uses: Oils

 You can include CBD Oils in your daily routine in a number of different and effective ways. Some people will add to their moisturiser so that their skin is in direct contact with the CBD oil, and therefore increasing the potential benefits.

 New to CBD...

If you are new to using CBD products, then we would suggest a gradual introduction in to your diet and regime. Start off with small low strength products. A great starter is our 500mg CBD Oil (Buy Here). Start with 1 drop, 3 times per day.

You must try space these apart as equally as you can, taking the last one an hour before you sleep.

This allows the CBD to be absorbed equally throughout the day.

Increasing the dose...

If you feel that you need to increase the dose to feel more benefit, or you have built up a good tolerance to the strength you are taking; increase by upping your drops 1 at a time. In this case, you would take 2 drops, 3 times per day.

If you find yourself reaching 3 drops, 3 times per day we would recommend moving up a strength to our 1000mg CBD Oil (buy here) as this will be more cost effective.

You would then start with 2 drops, 3 times per day.


If you would much rather disguise the taste of CBD (it’s not always to everyone’s taste), we have a fantastic range of edible products that you can introduce in to your diet.

Our recommended uses for these can be found here… Edible Products Potential Use

 Most importantly...

We would always recommend to consult with your GP before taking any of our products if you are on medication.